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It's a wrap on NORMS!

After a tireless three weeks of shooting in Berlin and Reykjavik, with stirling work by cast and crew, we’ve officially wrapped on Norms.

Long days and even longer nights, but an absolute blast, a lot of laughs and a showcase of talent. We couldn’t be more proud.

Thanks to all our amazing actors for bringing our characters and script to life - a quick sneak peek at the playback shows we got some really beautiful sequences. Congrats everyone.

And particularly to our leading lady, Marta Sveinbjörnsdóttir, whose captivating performance ignites every scene.

We all learned a great deal from each other on this shoot, experience we’ll take with us into our future projects. It’s very heartening to think, even in more stressful moments, the collective spirit prevailed and we’re extremely grateful to have worked with a cast of the same mindset - remember you saw them on Norms first!

Now it’s over to the editing team. In the coming months they’ll shape, polish and collaborate with musicians and creatives in Berlin and Reykjavik to bring you an awesome soundtrack fitting for our indie series. Get ready to see it yourself this Winter* on YouTube.

If you can’t wait that long, keep your eyes peeled for our trailer which will be dropping on the Lost Shoe Collective YouTube channel this month.

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*Timelines may be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic

Words by Beth Cherryman. Video shot on set in Berlin, fall 2019.