fictional mini series

NORMS is a fictional mini series – six ten minute long episodes – shot in Reykjavík, Iceland and Berlin, Germany. With queer characters and talented women in all main roles of production we aim to address the daily life struggles of our generation, from a perspective that often is overlooked.


The series was shot in the fall of 2019 and will hopefully be released by the end of 2020 (we have had to delay it because of Covid-19 related complications).


The project has been partly funded by Erasmus+ and the city of Reykjavík. We are still open for further collaborations.

Story outline

Sara is a young Icelandic woman, living in Reykjavík. She has a well paid job, the best group of friends and is currently planning on starting a family with her long term girlfriend. Her life seems perfect but something is still missing. Forgotten dreams and the longing for something extraordinary eventually drive her to sabotage her relationship, career and self respect in just one day. While desperately trying to put the pieces together, alone in a new city, an opportunity opens up for her to follow her dream as an artist in Berlin. Before accepting the call she has to face her struggles with her art, life and herself.



Director’s statement

It’s a passion of ours to tell stories that aren’t told enough. Norms is a story of everyday struggles, but this time told from the perspective of various minorities. In our show however, despite the fact that our heroes are people with different backgrounds, religion, ethnicity and sexuality, we’re not looking at what makes those people different or how they identify as minorities. This is the story of everything that unites them, and unites us all.

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