in alphabetical order

Beth Cherryman

Beth has a BA degree in Philosophy and a diploma in Journalism.

She has worked as a journalist for over 8 years and has good knowledge on interview methods and content writing. She has experience in administration and marketing.


Fatou N'dure

Fatou is a PhD student in Development Studies at the University of Iceland. She also has a MA degree in Development Studies and a BA degree in Anthropology. Fatou has great experience in administration, project development and project implications.

Fendina copy.jpg

Fendina Heinmüller

Fendina is a BA graduate in Islamic Studies and has a MA degree in African Studies. She has experience in working with minority groups and her research focuses on representation of (muslim) women, postcolonial theories, diversity and gender.

Hafsteinn copy.jpg

Hafsteinn Ólafsson 

Hafsteinn is a licenced aircraft mechanic.

He has experience working on film projects and as a writer. 


Jeremias Caro Roman

Jeremias is a graduate in Filmmaking with a special interest in production design. Since 2012 he has worked in short films back in Colombia and handled topics related with Sci-Fi, historical memory and women’s rights. Jeremias has a background working as art director.


Júlía Margrét Einarsdóttir

Júlía is a BA Philosophy graduate and has a MA degree in Creative Writing from the University of Iceland. She has also earned an MFA degree in Screenwriting from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. Júlía has published 3 works of fiction since 2015 and works as a cultural journalist and writer for The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RÚV). She has also written several screenplays and has experience as a director. 


Marta Sveinbjörnsdóttir

Marta is a visual artist and BA student in Anthropology at the University of Iceland. She also studied acting at the Icelandic Film School and has wide experience working on film projects, on sets and in administration. 


Pablo Gonzalez

Pablo is a musician (guitar and other instruments) with special interest in international traditional music and flamenco. He has experience working on film sets. 


Ragnar Ingi Magnússon

Ragnar graduated with a diploma in Filmmaking from the Icelandic Film School in 2015 and has a BA degree in Filmmaking from DBs Films Berlin. Ragnar has great experience working on film sets. He has taken on the roles of director and cinematographer; he has also worked a lot in post production with special emphasis on audio processing. 


Sólveig Johnsen

Sólveig has a BA degree in Film Theory and a MA degree in Creative Writing from the University of Iceland. She is currently working on an additional BA degree in English. Sólveig has co-owned and co-managed one of the best-known music venues in Reykjavík for the last 8 years, Gaukurinn. She is also a drag performer and has experience in event management and marketing.

Sunna copy.jpg

Sunna Shabnam Halldórudóttir

Sunna is a product and ceramic designer with a BA degree in Product
design from the Iceland University of the Arts. She has experience working with visual media, graphic design, photography, material research and public relations.


Tinna Björk Helgadóttir

Tinna is a BA graduate in Sociology and has a MA degree in Public
Administration from the University of Iceland. She has great experience in administration, project planning and financial operations. Tinna recently carried out a large research project concerning literacy in after school programs and as a result published
a handbook on the subject. 

Drawings of Collective members are a collaboration between Marta Sveinbjörnsdóttir and Sunna Shabnam Halldórudóttir. 

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